I started Danny Cox Sports Massage with the aim of providing top quality massage at affordable prices.

I specialise in sports massage but also provide deep tissue, trigger point, and relaxation massages.

The customer experience is so important to me. I used to play Rugby when I was (a little) younger and benefited from many Sports Massages; however the actual experience was very basic. This for me was where I was ‘let down’ as the customer. I am very much a people person and want the person I’m paying to understand and get to know how and why I’m injured before they lay their hands on me. This is certainly one of my number one rules for my practice.

I always have a consultation with my clients so that I can tailor the massage to suit each individual whether they are a top level athlete looking to improve their performance or someone who just wants to relax and unwind. It could be that you’ve picked up your shopping bags and twisted the wrong way or have a knee strain due to the way you walked up some stairs. What is important to me is that I identify the issue from the off to ensure a positive and productive experience for you.

Before I became a qualified Sports Massage Therapist I worked for 20 years on the London international financial futures exchange (LIFFE). This was an extremely stressful and challenging environment which I loved. However it all took its toll on my body and health and therefore I decided to move away from this profession and to pursue something where I could really make a difference.
I am married with 3 children and we also have a dog called Chas. I am a family man and love spending time with my Wife and children. The kids run me ragged sometimes so I do pull a favour from a member of staff from time to time for a relaxation massage! I need it!

I’ve always played sports, mainly rugby, and if I was bigger, fitter, stronger, tougher (I cry watching Disney films with the kids) and more skilful I probably would have made it to the top level! By having this experience I appreciate massage from both ends of the spectrum.

I have been a qualified massage therapist since 2005 and have worked as a personal trainer too. After working for an independent physiotherapy company for several years I decided that setting up my own practice was the next natural step.

I am also a qualified paramedic and a member of the Sports Massage Association.

If you need any advice or would like to book an appointment then please get in touch.