Forever Living

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The Forever Living philosophy is centred around feeling good, inside and out. This is achieved through using the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients to provide outstanding effective results.

Forever starts with 100% inner leaf gel and along with a balanced lifestyle, exercise and diet combined with Forever’s Aloe Vera products you can be assured of optimum health and vitality.

My wife and I have been benefiting from the Forever Living products for some time and have noticed a significant improvement in our overall health and well being. Many clients who I have introduced to the Forever Living products have noticed the same benefits and have provided extremely positive feedback. The quality and the value of these products, in my opinion, is excellent.

Please feel free to have a look at the available products on our Forever Living website which explain the benefits in greater detail. If you would like any advice regarding any of these products or have any questions please give me a call.

I also have pleasure in sharing with you a heartfelt and positive testimonial from one of my clients who I have been treating since January 2014.  She has greatly benefited from my treatments and the Aloe Vera products from Forever Living.

I needed someone who understood the body, and its mechanisms properly if I was going to undo all the damage of my bed bound days and muscle wasting. Danny proved to be exactly that. I’ve been receiving his treatments regularly for about 6 months now and have found him to a be what I see as an incredible physical coach. He’s professional, caring, intuitive and smart. He’s helped me to release the months of tensions and repair the muscles through his trigger point massage technique. He’s well read and with a medical background as a paramedic, and I do occasionally use him as a human google function on medical issues! His sessions almost always double up as pyshio if you’re inclined to ask about your treatment and what to do about the issue areas. He usually has a handy stretch or exercise up his sleeve!

It’s through Danny that I also discovered Forever Living and the wonder plant Aloe Vera. I’m certain it’s been the most effective supplement I’ve found so far to repair the gut issues from my illness. As my gut has improved, so has nutrient absorption, and therefore my energy. I’m on a long road out of chronic fatigue now, but with my exercise routine, the natural Aloe, and Dannys sports massages, I can see the finish line.

Saira, London